Language Acquisition

Full Year

“You can never understand one language until you understand at least two.” – Geoffrey Willans (Author and Journalist)

Anyone can learn another language!  This course aims to give students a chance to have fun using Indonesian to communicate on topics relevant to them.  We open their eyes to the possibility of being bi-lingual or even multilingual, depending on languages they already know. Previous knowledge of Indonesian is valued but certainly not essential.

Through developing their ability to speak, listen, read, and write in Indonesian, students will grow in confidence and skill.  As a bonus, they will strengthen their understanding of English and gain insights into how English works.

Students will experience Indonesia’s culture through a variety of interesting cultural experiences.


Students will be assessed using the IBMYP Criteria in the following areas:

  • Comprehending spoken and visual text
  • Comprehending written and visual text
  • Communicating in response to spoken, written and visual text
  • Using language in spoken and written form