Full Year

In Year 7 Science, students describe techniques to separate pure substances from mixtures. They represent and predict the effects of unbalanced forces, including Earth’s gravity, on motion. They explain how the relative positions of Earth, the sun and moon affect phenomena on Earth. They analyse how the sustainable use of resources depends on the way they are formed and cycle through Earth systems. They predict the effect of human and environmental changes on interactions between organisms and classify and organise diverse organisms based on observable differences. Students describe situations where scientific knowledge from different science disciplines and diverse cultures has been used to solve a real-world problem. They explain implications of the solution for different groups in society.


The following topics provide the framework for learning in Year 7 Science:

  • Separating Mixtures
  • Water and Resources
  • Classification of Living Things
  • Food Webs and Food Chains
  • Forces and Simple Machines
  • Forces and Space
  • Cycles of the Earth, Moon and Sun


Students are assessed against the Australian Curriculum Science achievement standards. Evidence of student achievement will be gathered through tests, assignments and practical reports. Students are tested on their knowledge of separating mixtures, forces and the cycles of the sun, moon and Earth. They create a poster on the water cycle and other renewable and non-renewable resources. They design and classify an animal and investigate changes to food chains and food webs when their animal is introduced into a chosen ecosystem. They design an investigation to explore static friction and other resistive forces and write a practical report outlining their methods and analyse their findings