Design & Technology


This course will introduce students to aspects of engineering and construction using both metal and timber. Students will learn timber construction, metal welding, fabrication and machining skills. Students use the design process to construct and engineer solutions for the development of products or systems.

Students will be given the opportunity to:

  • Produce designed solutions using a variety of timber options both man made boards and natural timbers within a workshop environment
  • Work independently and collaboratively to develop innovative solutions using the Design Cycle.
  • Analyse influences on a product or system including ethical, legal, economic, and/or sustainability issues.
  • Engage in the product development process using design thinking
  • Learn to create a design brief that provides the basis for the development of potential solutions to design problems.
  • Consider the practical implication of these issues on society or design solutions.
  • Use new and evolving technologies.
  • Apply appropriate skills, processes, procedures and techniques whilst implementing safe work practices in the creation of the solution. Learn to use the industry standard Autodesk Inventor software to design, create, model and assemble 3-dimensional objects.


Assessment in each area is based on the ACARA Achievement Standards

  • Knowledge and Understanding
  • Processes and Production Skills

Assessment Type include:

Assessment tasks, practical work, and analysis of work completed.