Drama - Performing Arts

Full Year, Semester

By the end of Year 9 students will be familiar with various styles of theatre and theatre conventions. They will have undertaken practical workshop activities to develop their understanding of theatre styles. Students will collaborate with one another to apply this knowledge to devise, interpret and create performances to share in class. Students will attend live theatre and analyse the various stage craft and performance elements both in verbal discussion and in written reviews. This greater understanding will be applied to their performances of scripted drama in the development of various roles and characters and in the manipulation of the performance space.

Students will collaborate with others to plan, direct, produce, rehearse and refine performances. They will select and use the elements of drama, narrative and structure in directing, blocking and acting in order to engage audiences. They will refine performance and expressive skills in voice and movement to convey dramatic action.


Workshops, improvisation, performance and small group production, written reviews, reflective journals and written reports using IBMYP criteria aligned with the Australian curriculum.